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Traditional Jujitsu/Kickboxing/Self-defense


"The ultimate aim of martial arts is not having to use them." Miyamoto Musashi

Then why should we train martial arts, one would ask?  It is more than physical is of the mind and soul.  When we train in martial arts, we work on discipline, honor, and confidence.  Where the head goes, the body follows.  Such is true in the techniques and in the mind.  When you believe, you shall achieve. We teach the traditional Japanese techniques of Jujitsu as it worked in the ancient land.  Martial arts is a way of life and it is often said that the arts are a marathon, not a sprint.  Each technique was performed ten thousand times to inspire "mu-shin no shin" or "mind of no mind".  This means each technique was performed automatically without thought or hesitation.  The only way to do this is through repetitive training.  When the motions become instinctive, you can rest assured that your safety is in your hands...literally.  When your mind and body are calm, you have the freedom to think through situations in a positive manner whether it be in the stressful day at the office, the big test you have in school, or the daily chaos we call "life".  Once stress or anxiety is no longer, you have balance...or yin-yang.  You have become in control of your daily journey.  In a threatening situation, you now have the knowledge to react properly and peacefully but vigilantly.  In this day and age, you will have the tools of protection and the mindset to operate them if needed.

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Victoria grew up in Houston Texas where she frequently returns to visit.  She is a former Veterinary Technician and an avid lover of animals. She and Mr Drew have been married for 12yrs and have acreage in South Texas where she hopes to have a ranch of furry friends. Currently, they have 2 VERY SPOILED Dachsunds, the spirit of our 20 year old cat (RIP Googlee), two parrots, a rescued race horse and many wildlife that come and go.

Sensei Drew


Mr Drew is originally from Iowa but spent his teen years in New Mexico.  He joined the Army in 1996 which took him many places including Iraq.  He was medically discharged in 2009 from a back fracture caused by an IED.  He also loves to race dirt cars and spends time building motors and cars in his spare time.

Milton Senpai


Mr Milton is a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a retired Law Enforcement Officer. He enjoys competing in Escrima and Jujitsu tournaments to stay in tune with his martial arts.  At home, he is a dedicated father to his son, Alex, who also competes in martial arts often together. On a gentler side, he cares for his 6 adopted cats.

Aiki Jujitsu Leadership

Kaze Arashi Ryu

Moreno Sensei

Senior Architect

Escrima Leadership

Siete Pares Escrima

Erik Buenaflor


 Combatives Leadership

Badders Combatives/Phan-Ku Ryu/Kajukenbo

Kumu William Badders

BCA President